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Why our bathrooms are different!

Every contractor out there will claim to use the highest quality materials and methods. It is an easy claim to make when most customers have very little knowledge about those materials and methods. Unfortunately, many contractors will promise this to the customer, but in the end will choose the fastest method. Below is a detailed description of the materials and methods used by Detailed Remodeling, so you may be better informed and understand why our bathrooms are worth the investment for years to come.

When building a shower, most tile installers will use a concrete board on the walls which is only water resistant because of a sprayed on water proofing. Some will then proceed to lay tile over the concrete board without sealing the seams; others will fill the seams with tile mortar which is not water tight and can crack over time. The fiber cement board we use is imbedded with silicone so it is naturally resistant to water, mold, and mildew all the way through the core. We caulk all seams and nail holes with a urethane concrete caulk that is highly flexible and waterproof. This forms a water tight shower before the tile is even put on the walls.

Because of the speed and ease of use many tile installers still use tile mastic inside the shower areas to adhere the tile to the wall. The problem with this is that the mastic never fully cures and when subject to constant water exposure the mastic encourages the growth of mold. Therefore, Detailed Remodeling uses only premium fortified thin set that resists mold growth and cures completely; with a holding strength three times greater than that of mastic. If desired, we can use a porcelain tile that is non-porous and never requires sealing. We will also offer a commercial quality epoxy grout that is water tight, will not stain, never needs sealing, and requires no problem causing caulk along inside corners of your shower.

When creating our custom shower pans, first we lay down a heavy duty PVC mat liner around the shower floor and lower walls. The PVC mat liner is mechanically sealed to a special floor drain creating a water tight shower pan. Second, we construct the shower pan out of a layering system of tile mortar and fiber cement board, creating a consistent pitch to the floor drain. Once dry we coat the top surface of the shower pan and lower walls with 2 coats of a waterproofing membrane. This process assures a leak free shower pan and is why we give a full lifetime warranty against leaks for all our custom shower pans.

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